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Тема: Cyborgs

Уровень: A1 and up

Время игры: 30 мин

Как играть: 2067. People deactivated Ingrid (Artificial Intelligence system which wanted to rule our world with the help of cyborgs). But some cyborgs ran away. The cyborgs look like people, like you and me. But they do strange things. There are 9 suspects. You can find out 4 facts about each of them. And decide if he is a cyborg or not. Ask questions, collect the information and find the cyborgs. Only you can find and deactivate them!


Agents on Holiday

Тема: Agents on Holiday

Уровень: A2 and up

Время игры: 30 мин

Как играть: We are Directors of the Secret Service. While all our Agents are on holiday  someone has broken into our Headquarters and stole Agents’ secret diaries with their holiday plans. We know this is the Mole who wants to find and neutralize our Agents. We must find our Agents first and identify the Mole.

Добрый день! Меня зовут Дарья. Я могу вам помочь?
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