Все о тимбилдинге

4 этапа тимбилдинга в одном посте.
Как выстроить продуктивные и здоровые отношения? Действовать последовательно, поэтапно, не торопясь, не предлагая игр наобум, не перескакивая этапы становления Команды.

Why don’t games always work in the classroom?

Games can’t make our lessons great, unless we solve most of our students interpersonal problems in the first place. Behave as a “good” game master not as a “bad” teacher. Enjoy the game and don’t be obsessed with the discipline. Children shout and jump around because they are alive.

Games vs activities

When I analysed the games, which I found in the Internet on the request ELT games, most of them turned out to be different activities, not real games. Let’s have a look at some really popular games and activities which are used at English lessons.

Role-Playing-Games and English Lessons

When I talk about RPGs I do not mean Drama activities and Role-plays “In a café,” “At the doctor’s,” which many teachers are familiar with. RPGs are a special type of a game, which is an interactive story with only basic plot elements. Players describe their actions through narrative and this is how the story develops.

How to gamify you English class. Step 2

When we introduced PBL framework to our lessons in my language school, there came immediate results! Students were so much involved; they even started asking for extra assignments if they had missed a lesson, which was a complete shock for us.
However in 3 months we understood that this approach gives short-term motivation.

How to gamify your English class. Step 1

As a teacher and a mother of a 14-year-old son every day I witness the struggle between traditional education and millennial teens born in the early 2000s. We need to redesign the whole lesson and make it similar to computer games in structure. If we want to engage modern students, we should move to an absolutely new pedagogical approach based on game-design principles.

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